Champions League — 18 March 2013


Inter scratch the feat, but Adebayor took them out

An overtime goal from Emmanuel Adebayor qualified Tottenham to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Europa League and truncated the feat of Inter (4-1), which lost 3-0 in the first leg and forced overtime, but finally ran out with nothing due to the English goal in the 96th minute.

A blow to the Italian team, to their effort and reaction made past thursday in the second leg, which was about to complete a seemingly impossible task with the 3-0 score against, a week ago at White Hart Lane until a reject from the Slovenian Samar Handanovic, which Adebayor took, score and finish with all the Italian s illusions to qualify.

Inter believed since the start, showing ambition. Adding goals to their desire to comeback: In the 20th minute, a perfect cross from Rodrigo Palacios let Antonio Cassano with a nice header; at min 52 they exchanged roles, the Italian as an assistant, the Argentinean above defense beat Brad Friedel (2-0).

Inter, who crashed a shot off the crossbar, was only a goal to tie the leg. Tottenham without Gareth Bale, sanctioned, feared for their classification, even more in the 75th minute: a lack executed by Cassano struck in barrier, then William Gallas sparked euphoria in the stands of Giuseppe Meazza with the 3-0.

The visitor Kyle Naughton tried with a whiplash from outside the area, but got stopped by the magnificent Slovenian Samir Handanovic.

At minute six of the extra time, Adebayor solved the troubles of his team with a comforting goal. Inter gave emotions to the game again with a goal by the Argentine Ricky Alvarez (min 110). It was the final 4-1, reflecting a stunning duel from the Italian team, who scored a useless victory and insufficient to reach the quarterfinals.


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