Transfer News — 01 March 2013

Will the play togather?The Vice president of Santos has opened talks with Neymer over a new contract as the rumors of signing him to Barcelona and keen Manchester city are still existent. The Brazilian superstar and a potential highest paid player is still expressed his intentions to stay with the current club.

Barcelona fullback Dani alves, another Brazilian superstar urged his national team mate to join his club earlier this month. But Santos, like previous times has constantly insisted the fact that Neymer will stay put till the 2014 World Cup is hosted in Brazil.

On the club briefing, it has been said that the clubs managing committee decided to extend his contract even beyond 2014. And they will be working hard to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Neymer’s father denied of any agreements with Barcelona and reinstated: money is not going to be the factor as long as he is happy in Santos. The club spokesman said they believe his father and looking forward to finalize a successful deal with him.

The news of Neymer being sold is not new. Half of the world is looking to sign him up and everyday the rumors find some new wings.

Rumor has it, even Santos have received some money from Barcelona and they are desperate to make a successful buy out of Santos in regards to replace some possible weaknesses in their line up as David Villa’s career seems all but over.

It is unquestionable that the desired destination would be Nou-camp if, and only the deal with Santos is not done by this summer, the football lovers will be licking their lips to see the top profile player playing for Barca along side Messi. There has always been constant comparison between these two not only because of their style of play but also the fearsome rivalry between the two South American countries. If successful, it is going to be the most challenging combination for Barcelona indeed.


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