Champions League — 13 April 2013

Villar is confident to see the Real Madrid-Barcelona in the Champions League Final match

The president of the Spanish Football Federation Angel Maria Villar, expressed today his confidence in being able to attend the final of the Champions League between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Villar has expressed his wish during a visit to Arrigorriaga to mark the upcoming centenary of the Football Federation of Biscay.

The maximum federal leader has expressed his desire “for a Spanish final,” but has rejected that, the double coincidence of Bundesliga teams and the BBVA league has been called a “confrontation Germany vs Spain”, because the four semifinalists have templates with players with very different backgrounds. ”

Referring to both league competitions, Villar said that “the German football has a higher number of assistance than the Spanish, but the Spanish has more quality.”

In this regard, he said that Spain has “A large audience in front of the TV.”

“People paid for broadcasting Football emissions and defend their fair interests, and therefore teams place schedules that assure viewers and advertising. And

Before the visit of Real Madrid to Bilbao on Sunday, a forecast was been made, Villar said that it this is “a great classic game since long ago” Athletic “used to win four or five times in ten games.” “And lately we aim to draw one or two,” he added.

Regarding his duties as manager of the Spanish football internationally speaking, Villar has admitted that he is “happy as a leader,” despite difficult times or situations of conflict.


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