Transfer News — 23 May 2013

Now the last decision about the future of Gonzalo Higuain depends on the projects of the new coach of Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti. The Argentinian player wants inGonzalo Higuaindeed to have experiences in a different countries than Spain, and he also wants to be the decisive element for his future team. All these desires could be reality in Juventus.

An agreement has already been found between Juventus and the player, who have discussed his wage and his possible benefits. The only part missing to sign the contract is the agreement with Real Madrid. It seems that the Spanish team agrees with this operation, because Higuain has not played very much in the last period, and his departure could guarantee Real Madrid money available to invest in other useful players.

Juventus is interested also in Coentrao and Marcelo, two defenders that could increase the possibilities of Juventus on the international stage. In this situation, Real Madrid is not interested in finding an agreement with Juventus, because both Coentrao and Marcelo are fundamental players of the Spanish team.

Marotta and Paratici are in Madrid to try to conclude the agreement for Higuain as soon as possible, to give the possibility to Antonio Conte to start organizing the team for next season.


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