Italy — 01 May 2013

Juventus wants top players to become competitive not only in Italy, but also on the international stage. In fact, Conte’s team is going to win the second consecutive Scudetto, but in Champions League has been defeated by Bayern Munich, showing his limited possibilities againts solid teams.Antonio Conte

Yesterday evening, Conte was in Madrid to watch the match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, and to analyze the performances of some players. It seems indeed, that Conte is interested in Benzema and Higuain as strikers for next season, but also in Di Maria. The Argentinian player is linked to Mourinho, and the departure of this last one from Madrid, could mean that also Di Maria will leave Real. It’s rumored that Mourinho will be the coach of Chelsea next season and that Di Maria will follow him, but nothing has been defined yet and Juventus wants to try to get the Argentinian player.

Alexis Sanchez is always the first aim, but in case Barcelona decides not to transfer him, Di Maria will become the new objective.

To conclude the update of Juventus transfer market, it is possible also an interest in Cuadrado and Diamanti, excellent player, but with a reduced cost compared to Sanchez and Di Maria.


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