Italy Serie A — 03 June 2013

At the end of Serie A, Roma had 4 objectives for his bench: Mazzarri, Allegri, Pioli Francesco Tottiand Donadoni. Two weeks later the situation is a general crisis, because within these four nobody is available anymore. In fact, Mazzarri has become the coach of Inter Milan, while Allegri, Pioli and Donadoni have been confirmed as guides of their teams.

The last news about Mr Allegri changes completely the situation of Roma, that hoped in a departure of him from AC Milan. The moment is complex for Roma, because in Italy there are no more coaches available and able to manage a Club that has not a clear project, and that has just concluded a negative season. Probably Roma will look for a coach in the foreign championships, but there is no enough time to evaluate options and than decide. Blanc seems the most probable future coach of Roma, but they have to find an agreement.

The transfer market indeed is already started and the Clubs with a defined project are already buying and selling players to reinforce their teams.Roma seems have found an agreement with Udinese: Benatia should arrive in Rome after the announce of who will be the new coach. In addition, the Club is working to get Astori and Nainggolan, even if it is difficult to transfer players without having decided who will coach them.


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