Italy Serie A — 01 June 2013

Roma has given an ultimatum to Mr Allegri about the final decision for his future. In fact, also this week has not been deMassimiliano Allegricisive to determine the future coaches of AC Milan and Roma. The meeting between Allegri and Berlusconi continues to be postponed and there are no clear ideas about the future. Some days Allegri seems far away from AC Milan, in other situations this changes.

AC Milan has ready names to substitute Allegri: Donadoni, Seedorf and Rijkard, and Roma is working as well to have an alternative to him. Three days and than Allegri has to express which team will coach next year. Alternatives for Roma are Bielsa, Blanc, Rudi Garcia, Donadoni, Mancini and Panucci. All these options are possible because these coaches have just ended a contract with their teams or want to change.

Numerous elements are ready to become the new coach of AC Milan or Roma, and Allegri has no more time to prolong his possibility to decide. In fact, AC Milan has to start developing a plan for next year, due to the early beginning of the future season for the participation to the preliminaries of Champions League. Roma, on the other hand, needs to start planning the transfer market after this bad season.

3 days more, this is the ultimatum to Mr Allegri.


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