Italy Serie A — 27 May 2013

The negative result of yesterday evening has provoked the explosion of tensions that have been characterized Roma during this season. During the coaching of Zeman, but also after the arrival oPablo Osvaldof Andreazzoli, the management of Osvaldo has been a big problem. The player in fact has a difficult nature and due to opposite ideas has developed negative relationships with both the coaches. Zeman used to leave him on the bench, but Andreazzoli, aware of his possibilities, has lined up the striker in some occasions.

To play the final of Coppa Italia, Andreazzoli decided to line up Destro and to leave on the bench Osvaldo. The result of the match is known: Lazio won Coppa Italia, while Roma concludes in a negative way his bad reason, remaining out of Europe next season.

Osvaldo, after the match, has reacted in an aggressive way to the defeat, insulting Andreazzoli and saying that the coach is the only responsible of the failure of this year. Andreazzoli has explained today during a press conference, that the striker is difficult to manage and that these declarations are hints of negative behavior and of absence of ethics.

The situation between Osvaldo and Roma is always more tense, and it seems impossible the permanence of the player if Andreazzoli is confirmed coach of Roma. Also in case of arrival of a new coach it is probable the departure of Osvaldo, due to the negative relationships with his teammates.


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