Italy — 21 June 2013

Gattuso is officially the new coach of Palermo. After a long career as midfielder in AC Milan and the last year as player in Sion, GattusoGennaro Gattuso is starting a new part of his life, becoming coach. Palermo is a club that is passing through a phase of difficulties: the relegation in Serie B forces the president Zamparini to reorganize the team, making some players leave due to economic reasons.

The new coach has already clear ideas about the future game of Palermo: aggressivity and a great development of the attack phase are the key elements to return in Serie A and to play every match in the best way possible. Gattuso is aware that being a coach is a difficult task and that his absence of experience is considered a limit, according to someone. However, Gattuso declared that his experience as a player and his career with important coaches as Ancelotti will for sure help him to learn fastly how to manage a team in an excellent way.

Zamparini thinks that Gattus could be a sort of new Antonio Conte, a coach that started without experience and now is one of the best Italian coaches. Gattuso appreciates this comparison and is looking forward to start with his new work, showing a great enthusiasm and desire to perform in good way.


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