Serie A — 02 May 2013

Palermo is now one of the teams that risks to be relegated in Serie B, despite the positive results of the last rounds. On SunMiccoli & Ilicicday, Palermo will play against Juventus, a match that seems easy to Conte’s team considered the clear superiority of his team.

However, today, the coach of Palermo said that his team will go to Turin to win the match. They need the 3 points to maintain their positive trend and to remain in Serie A, and for this reason his player will play at their best to defeat Juventus. They want to show that Serie A is the right place for them.

Ilicic and Miccoli, that are having muscular problems and have followed a specific traning, should return available for the match against Juventus. These two players are the responsible of the recent positive trend of Palermo, thanks to their numerous goals and their role as leader of the team.

Also the president Zamparini commented on the possibilities of Palermo. He is sure that also against a big team as Juventus, his team will be able to play in an excellent way, creating problems to the team that is going to win the Scudetto. According to him, everything could change on a field, and it is important that everyone will play with concentration and honesty.

It will be an interesting match, that will show the opposition between a solid and well-organized Juventus, against an highly motivated Palermo.


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