Serie A — 02 April 2013

Edinson Cavani has scored 97 goals during his career in Napoli, an amount that permits to compare the Uruguayan player to some columns of the past. Thanks to the double scored in Turin, Cavani has overpassed Antonio Careca, reaching Josè Altafini, author of 9Edinson Cavani7 goals in Napoli. Next aim is to equal Diego Maradona, that scored 115 goals during his  Neapolitan career . Nothing could interrupt the series of numerous goals scored by El Matador, that has succesfully restarted scoring, after a dark period at the beginning of 2013.

In each of the last two matches Cavani has scored a double , showing great performances and giving the victory to his team; he is really an excellent player that can realize numerous goals in every situation: in Turin he played only the second half, that has been enough to score a double.

Currently Cavani is the top goalscorer of Serie A with 22 goals, followed by El Shaarawy, author of 16 goals. He will have the possibility to win for the first time the Italian goalscorer championship. If one considers further competitions, Cavani has scored in total 31 goals: 22 in Serie A, 7 in Europe League, 1 in Coppa Italia and 1 in Italian Super Cup. He now has still 8 matches to improve his quantity of goals in Napoli, and also to overpass Maradona. Napoli hopes to have this player also next year, even if Real Madrid is always more interested in Cavani.


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