Serie A — 17 March 2013

Napoli-Atalanta ended 3-2, a suffered match, that saw the return of “El Matador” Cavani. In fact, Cavani today scored a double: the first goal was a penalty, and the second one scored thanks to Zuniga’s assist. The decisive goal has been realized by GoraEdinson Cavanin Pandev at 36′ of the second half. Atalanta played a good match, but not enough to defeat an highly motivated Napoli, especially after Denis’ expulsion.

Almost at the end of the match, Mazzarri has been expelled as well due to polemics. Cavani commented on the goals and his current situation underlining that private life and football must be completely divided; he has to be judged for his performances on the field, not for his family or his private choices.

Also Fiorentina-Genoa ended 3-2. During the first half, Genoa has been besieged by Fiorentina, that scored only one goal thanks to Aquilani. The second half has been characterized by the draw of Genoa, followed by the immediate advantage of Fiorentina.

After the 20′ of the second half, Genoa drew, but temporarily, because an own goal let Fiorentina get the victory. Genoa finished the match in 10, due to Bertolacci’s expulsion.

Currently Fiorentina is -3 from the third place and Europe is a near dream.


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