Italy Serie A — 07 July 2013

Due to the intervention of Napoli, Fiorentina has to conclude in three, maximum four days, the negotiation to get Mario Gomez. Burak YilmazDifferently, the only option remained will be Burak Yilmaz, Galatasaray striker.

For now, Fiorentina has advantages in the operation Gomez: the player has already found an agreement with the club and, in the last days, has expressed his desire to play in Fiorentina. However, Napoli has more money to offer to Bayern Munich and also to the player. If Fiorentina does not decide as soon as possible about Gomez, Napoli could overpass him. Probably, Fiorentina won’t be able to get the German player in the following days, and will hope that Napoli won’t succeed in getting him.

Burak Yilmaz is an easier objective; the Turkish player could be decisive in Fiorentina, organized in a good way, as Montella did last season. However, Fiorentina has to decide how to play next Serie A: Gomez is a player that uses his physical power and resistance as his main feature, while Yilmaz is characterized by quality and by the ability to surprise his enemies.

Montella hopes that one of these two will arrive in Fiorentina during this summer, but the coach has asked this arrival as soon as possible, to start working in a proper way. Montella indeed will probably remain without his columns of last season: Jovetic and Ljajic, two players with an uncertain destination, but for sure not in Florence.


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