Serie A — 16 March 2013

It seems that the cause of Cavani’s dark period is his conjugal life. The news, appeared for the first time on the online portal “”, is now a popular discussion topic in Italy. The Uruguaian player has not scored for 8 matches, Napoli lives a deep crisis and Cavani has recently declared that he misses his family, far away in Uruguay, where last week waEdinson Cavanis born his second son Lucas. This is not enough: it’s rumored that Cavani’s wife has already got in touch with a lawyer to start divorce proceedings. The reason is that Cavani has lost his head for a young Neapolitan girl.

According to the previous cited online portal, Cavani is spending time with a Neapolitan girl, whose father has a restaurant, where Cavani often goes to eat out. They have been seen in romantic attitudes in Vomero, the one of the most elitist districts in Naples. Their story has been discovered by Cavani’s wife that left to Uruguay to give birht to their second child and to apply for the divorce.

Mazzarri commented on the bad period of the player, without expressing his opinion about this mysterious woman. He said that Cavani is passing through a period of crisis that he is living with serenity. Cavani now has only to help Napoli to score important goals for the league table, without pressure.


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