Italy — 26 May 2013

No chances for Roma during this difficult match. Lazio won Coppa Italia and the Lulic Lazioparticipation to the preliminary phase of Europa League, concluding in a positive way this season. Lazio deserved this victory, showing a group that despite the last negative period has been revitalized and remotivated for this occasion. Candreva and Lulic with perfect physical conditions and the desire to win have represented the main difference. Roma, especially the attack, has not convinced, showing a lack of ability of managing the game.

The first half has been characterized by the attempts of Miroslav Klose and the excellent actions of Lobont that save his team in several situations. Positive in general the game of Lazio that clearly showed superiority. During the second half, Roma did not manage in playing in a good way. The goal of Lazio arrived at 28′ of the second half: Lobont saved on Candreva’s attempts, but the Rumenian goalkeeper did not save also on the succeeding shoot of Lulic. The Serbian player is the responsible of the victory of Lazio, author also of an excellent performance.

The match has been tense: 8 the yellow cards showed by the referee Orsato plus a red card showed to Tachtsidis. Now Lazio will play the Italian Super Cup against Juventus.


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