Italy — 02 May 2013

It is known that Premier League has more available money, compared to Serie A, and it is visible that the most talentuous players are leaving Italy to play in England.Leandro Damiao

English teams are also intervening in operations in which are involved Italian teams. The first example is the case of Leandro Damiao. The Brazilian player is the desire of both Juventus and Napoli; Juventus, last summer, seemed ready to sign a contract with him, but something went wrong. Currently, the economic possibilities of Juventus could permit to get the player, and the same applies to Napoli, in case of Cavani’s departure. The arrival in Serie A of Damiao is obstructed by Tottenham. In fact, Villas Boas wants the talent in his team starting from this summer. The superior economic reserves of the English team could favor the operation.

The second example is Montoya, currently back in Barcelona. Inter Milan is preparing an offering for the young player, but the operation could be not realized due to the intervention of Liverpool. Montoya in Barcelona often remains on the bench and his desire is to find a team where to become a fundamental player. Inter Milan could have been the perfect solution, but a proposal from Liverpool could change his destination.


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