Serie A — 10 April 2013

Nothing has been defined yet, but in case of Cavani’s departure, it will be really difficult to find his pLeandro Damiaoerfect substitute. There are always more teams interested in the Uruguayan player: Real Madrid, Manchester City and also PSG and Monaco. The first one seems to be the most favorite team for Cavani, followed by Manchester City. PSG and Monaco are not attractive for the player, due to the scarce role of Ligue 1 in the international dimension.

If Napoli lets Cavani leave, it will have a large amount to buy another big player. For this reason, Napoli has already started looking around to find his perfect substitute to maintain its role in Italy and to participate in the best way possible in Champions League.

The first option is the Brazilian Leandro Damiao, currently an Internacional player. He has already shown his interest in Serie A, and his attorney is starting discussing this possibility with De Laurentiis.

The second option is Stevan Jovetic, currently player in Fiorentina and dream of Napoli’s president during last summer. The Montenegrin player is performing in an excellent way, and numerous Clubs are showing their interest in him. Juventus, some English Clubs and Napoli have already made offerings for this player to Fiorentina. It seems that the offering should be around 30-35 million euros, an amount affordable for Napoli, in case of Cavani’s departure.


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