Transfer News — 07 March 2013

Currently Osvaldo is one of the most discussed strikers in Serie A. This does not depend on his  goals or on special actions, but everything is related to his nature and to the penalty stolen to Francesco Totti and not scored. The hostile situation between Osvaldo and Roma seems have origins after the match against Sampdoria: Roma has been defeated and the penalty could have changed the situation. This fact is the turning point also for supporters: they have appreciated his performance till that moment, but now they do not want the player anymore. In addition, Osvaldo has a complex nature that may be the reason for further problems with his teammates and supporters. Pablo Osvaldo

For these reasons, Sabatini, his attorney, is looking for a new team starting from the end of this season. Two Russians Clubs, Anzhi and Zenit, have shown their interest in the Argentinian player ; one of these solutions seems tempting also for Roma according to an economic point of view. His departure for Russia is not a certainty because both Juventus and Fiorentina are going to analyze the economic situation, trying to convince Roma to leave Osvaldo play for them. In fact, the striker has always been an objective for Juventus; Fiorentina, on the his hand, is hoping a return because Osvaldo could become an important element in Montella’s strategies.


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