Italy Serie A — 07 August 2012

Antonio ConteSeveral Italian sports news agencies are reporting that Antonio Conte will resign after the Super Cup match Juventus will be playing on Saturday against Napoli. They are stating that Saturday’s result will not change Conte’s plans anyway the match ends. Two happenings are fuelling this news within the Italian media. The first one is the fact that one of his collaborators, Cristian Stellini, resigned from his position at Juventus as he pleaded guilty. This happening is leading many to believe that Conte really knew something about the match fixing scandal. The second happening that’s fuelling this news is the fact that Conte wants to be defended by his own lawyers rather than the Juventus lawyers.

We would like to remind you that the above has been reported by several Italian news sources but has never been confirmed. Till now Juventus have always backed their manager, they even said that they would support him during his eventual suspension.


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