Italy Serie A — 20 April 2012

Miralem Pjanic RomaOn Sunday evening current Serie A leaders, Juventus, will be facing a difficult challenge as they will be playing Roma. A win is imperative for Juventus if they want to challenge for the title as frontrunners. The rivalry between Juventus and Roma is known to be great and Roma midfielder, Miralem Pjanic, fueled it further. Pjanic said that they want to be the first team to beat Juventus following their unbeaten campaign. He also highlighted that his teammates and himself want to finish third in the league to qualify to next season’s Champions League. Pjanic also admitted that he used to follow Juventus when he was young especially since Zidane joined them. He added that Juventus is a very important club both in Italy and in the world. Referring to the present Juventus side he said that they are a compact side that is very difficult to play against.

When asked about Totti and Del Piero, he said that he hopes that this will not be the last time they face each other. Both Totti and Del Piero are champions that won the World Cup.


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