Italy Serie A — 06 June 2013

Walter Mazzarri has explained in a clear way his projects for next season to Moratti, highlighting the necessity of new players, but at the same time declaring that Inter Milan does not need to be Andrea Ranocchiarevolutionized. In fact, to gain results, it is important to maintain a solid structure, built with players able to play together and that know each other since a long time.

Of course, in addition to fixed players, Mazzarri has asked some new arrivals, fundamental, according to him, to organize a solid team. His desires are expensive and for this reason Moratti has to transfer someone to get enough money, the other option is selling a cospicuous part of the Club to the Indonesian businessman, that has aready made an economically interesting offering.

Handanovic is one of the elements that could leave Inter Milan. The goalkeeper is fundamental for Mazzarri, but it is true that this player could permit Inter Milan to gain money. His performances are appreciated at international level, and it is probable that Barcelona could decide to make an offering to Moratti.

Another player that could leave, and has numerous possibilities to change team, is Fredy Guarin. The midfielder is desired by numerous Italian and foreign Clubs that are waiting Inter Milan actions before deciding to elaborate an offering. However, the most interested Club seems Tottenham.

The thid player is Andrea Ranocchia. Considered unmarketable and a column of the defense when Stramaccioni was the coach, Ranocchia has changed his situation. The defender is attracting Juventus and Manchester United, two Clubs that could pay an high amount to Moratti to gain a reliable player as him.

After having transferred one of them and having money, the first arrival should be Zuniga, fundamental to play in an aggressive way next season, according to Mazzarri.


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