Serie A — 02 May 2013

A month or better 4 matches and Serie A is finished. At this point, Inter Milan has to do important choices for the future. Till now Moratti has assured that Stramaccioni will remain the coach, but at the end of the championship also thisCassano & Stramaccioni option could change.

The next four matches will be difficult for Inter Milan: the one against Napoli at San Paolo stadium could show the real limited possibilities for Stramaccioni’s team. Also the match versus Genoa could be complex, because Genoa is playing at his best to remain in Serie A next year. In Milan, Stramaccioni’s team will play against Lazio and Udinese, his direct enemies for the participation in Europe League. The presence in Europe seems fundamental for the president, even if this year the midweek matches have influenced also the tragic results in Serie A.

In addition to this, the numerous injuries have created problems to Stramaccioni to decide who to line up. The last injury occurred to the captain Zanetti, that after a medical operation, will not play for at least 6 months. During next rounds, Andrea Ranocchia will be the captain of Inter Milan.

The supporters are not happy about the confirmation of Stramaccioni and there are numerous options ready to substitute him: Blanc, Mihajlovic, Zeman, Zenga and Spalletti. All of them will be taken into consideration by Moratti at the end of this season. It’s rumored in the last hours that also Allegri could be Moratti’s aim.

There are numerous players that could leave at the end of this season: Silvestre, Schelotto, Jonathan and Samuel. It is almost sure the departure of Antonio Cassano, and his destination could be Monaco.


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