Italy Serie A — 22 June 2013

As happened to Juventus for Higuain, also Inter Milan is seeing his objective disappearing. The dreaHernanesm Paulinho indeed has just signed a contract with Tottenham. In the following days, the player should be officially presented. Tottenham has decided to offer Corinthians 17 million euros, and the Brazilian club has accepted this offering without waiting further proposals.

Inter Milan, that is interested in Paulinho since a long time, remains without his primary objective. The alternative for Mazzarri is clear: Anderson Hernanes from Lazio. To avoid the same situation as Paulinho’s, Inter Milan has to accelerate his decisions and to contact Lazio as soon as possible.

Lazio indeed seems having changed his idea about Hernanes: at the end of Serie A the Brazilian midfielder was considered unmarketable, but now, thanks to the arrivals of Biglia and Felipe Anderson, Hernanes could be the element to get important money. His role indeed could be easily convered by the two new players.

However, Inter Milan, for now, does not have enough money to invest in Hernanes. Lazio has not fixed a price yet for the Brazilian player, but considered his qualities his cost will be around 20 million euros. This amount of money could arrive in Inter Milan as a consequence of the departure of Fredy Guarin. There are no certainties, but it seems that Mazzarri does not consider Guarin as part of his project, while Hernanes is the new fundamental player for Inter Milan.

Will Inter Milan succeed in concluding this operation before other clubs?


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