England Premier League — 25 September 2012

The last few days has thrown up some vile incidents in our game.

A small minority of Manchester United fans sang sick songs after their Premier League clash with Liverpool at Anfield and then the referee Mark Halsey received sick Tweets on twitter about his battle with cancer.


The majority of Manchester United fans were well behaved human beings at Anfield. They should be given credit, it is nothing less than we would expect for a group of normal decent people. However, a small bunch of idiots decided that they would sing vile songs.

As if that wasn’t bad enough it emerged that referee Mark Halsey had received distasteful tweets on Twitter talking about his battle with cancer from Liverpool fans. I mean how low can someone go. There are certain things that people shouldn’t joke about and life and death is one of those.

The fans may not agree with Halsey’s decisions on Sunday, but they went way too far with the way they voiced their disagreement.


Football is not more important than life and death, MR Shankly. Liverpool fans should know not to mock Mark about his condition. Thankfully he battled against cancer and defeated it. Those 96 people that were being honoured on Sunday were all just normal fans that went to a football match.

Just like the players and staff involved in the Munich air disaster were just people trying to make their way back home. Terrible tragedies that will never be forgotten and those lost souls deserve better.


I’m not a kill-joy; I’m not suggesting that we stop banter and chanting. However, we must stop the bile filled horrible songs about Munich, Heysel and Hillsborough. They are not big or clever they are just disgusting.

Anybody who has ever sung a vile song like that needs to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. They need to ask themselves would they still be singing those same songs if their families and friends were involved in these tragedies?


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