Champions League — 01 March 2013

Sergio Ramos, The stand in-skipper of Real Madrid ranks Christiano over Lionel Messi believes; that his return to the old home is going to dump Manchester United out of the champion’s league.

I am Coming to get you Fergie

 The Spanish giants are going to travel to meet the red devils level on 1-1 aggregate but having a valuable away goal, United should also feel a bit comfortable against them.On the other hand, Real Madrid had the same disadvantage against Barcelona on Tuesday in the Spanish cup semifinal. But Ronaldo led the team from this disadvantage to a 3-1 massive confidence booster win.

According to Ramos: CR7 is the best player of the world and has the habit of showing up in the big games. Against a team like Barcelona, every team suffers. But they did a great job implementing the tactics and didn’t find any reason why the can’t do the same against Fergie’s men.

Ramos also added: Slowly and steadily, the team is recovering and getting back to their best. After a frustrating campaign in Spanish La-Liga, Real Madrid is getting there where everybody wants to see them.

Christiano’s dazzling performance, which obviously made the difference in the home of Messi hotted up the debate on ” Who is the best player” once again.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo stated that he didn’t expect the winning margin would be this much. But as it has happened, he will take it to Manchester and carry on with this belief that things are coming off for them.

For the time being, it’s hard to say whether the CR7 will get a warm welcome in Old Trafford or not, but Christiano doesn’t have any intention to get emotional and not perform as the team desires. The body language suggested, he is going to get Fergie this time!


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