Serie A — 24 April 2013

AC Milan is now trying to gain the third place in Serie A, a position that guarantees it the participation to the preliminary phase of Champions League. A difficult aim considered the last results, and the excellent performances of Fiorentina in the last rounds. AC Milan has to play in the best way possible, hoping in some mistakes of Napoli and Fiorentina. There are still 5 rounds, and everythingBalotelli and El Shaarawy could change.

The news of the day regards Ezequiel Lavezzi, striker of PSG, that has spent two days in Milan and has been seen in Giannino, the restaurant, where Galliani signs contracts with the new arrivals. The situation is interesting, even if quite impossible.

Lavezzi has the same features of Stephan El Shaarawy, and it is improbable that AC Milan will buy another player with his role. The couple El Shaarawy-Balotelli is now one of the best of Serie A, and AC Milan does not want to change this young equilibrium. Moreover, Lavezzi has a cost, that is too high for an AC Milan that tries to invest in young players and to reduce spendings.

In addition, AC Milan has now the necessity to get a young defender, to improve its possibilities for next year. Angelo Ogbonna seems the primary objective, together with the probable confirmation of Christian Zapata.

There are numerous reasons against a transfer of Lavezz in AC Milan, even if everything could happen this summer.


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