Italy Serie A — 03 July 2013

Till now, the most important transfer market operation conduced by AC Milan regards the confirmatioEl Shaarawy & Robinhon of Stephan El Shaarawy. Despite the interest of Manchester City, Anzhi and other clubs, during the meeting between Galliani and the attorney of the player, everything has been solved. The Pharaoh remains a key element of AC Milan and everyone expects that the striker will return decisive as in the first part of last Serie A.

The departure of El Shaarawy would have been the only occasion for AC Milan to get enough money to invest in the transfer market. After the confirmation of his permanence in AC Milan, Galliani has to find other solutions and to start negotiations to get low cost players. Currently, the two alternatives to gain money are Boateng and Robinho. The first one has not really attracted the interest of a team: Monaco wanted him, but a negotiation has not started with AC Milan. Differently, the Brazilian player is desired by Santos. During the last hours, AC Milan and Santos, together with Robinho’s attorney, have started a negotiation to evaluate the conditions of this transfer. It seems that the striker has accepted to see reduced his wage to leave AC Milan. This aspect could be the decisive element to permit the conclusion of the operation. AC Milan should gain 8 million euros from this transfer, amount that Galliani will immediately invest to sign Poli. The club indeed needs a midfielder, considered the fact that Flamini won’t be confirmed as AC Milan player, due to his exaggerate requests.


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