Italy Serie A — 15 June 2013

AC Milan has two objectives in this session of transfer market: the departure of Robinho Robinhoand the arrival of Tevez. This operations are strictly linked because AC Milan needs the money gained from the transfer of Robinho to invest in a big player as Tevez. The Club is interested in the departure of Robinho because the striker is one of the most paid element of AC Milan and his performance during last season has been negative.

Santos wants to get Robinho since one year, but AC Milan has always refused his offerings, considered too low for an important player as the Brazilian striker. However, Santos has now more money available after the transfer of Neymar in Barcelona and a part of the money could be used to get Robinho. Moreover, the player has expressed his desire to return in Brazil and to conclude there his career.

Currently AC Milan asks 8 million for Robinho and Santos offers just 6 million, but it is probable and interest of both the parts to find an agreement. Galliani needs these income as soon as possible to proceed in the operation Tevez. The Argentinian striker indeed is interested in arriving in AC Milan and could reduce his wage, but Galliani has to overpass Juventus in finding an agreement. There is a real challenge between AC Milan and Juventus to get Tevez, and the desire of the player is nearer to AC Milan. Galliani misses just the money to conclude this operation, regardless of El Shaarawy’s future.


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