Italy Serie A — 02 July 2013

After all the rumors of the previous weeks, Galliani and El Shaarawy have decided to meet today to discuss the future projects. The striker has always declared that his desire was to remain in AC MiStephan El Shaarawy & Adriano Gallianilan, team in which he has good relationships with his teammates and the coach. Galliani did not confirm the permanence of El Shaarawy, creating a situation of crisis in the young player. Today the meeting has been planned to clarify the projects of AC Milan and to discuss the striker’s future.

The meeting has been concluded in a positive way: Stephan El Shaarawy remains in AC Milan also next season. AC Milan has already confirmed his permanence through a post appeared on the internet that claims that the meeting between Galliani, El Shaarawy and his attorney finished in a positive way and that, despite the numerous offerings, AC Milan wants the Pharaoh as key element also for the future season. Nothing will change for El Shaarawy during this summer.

Napoli, Manchester City, Fiorentina and Anzhi have shown their interest for the young striker. Chelsea tried to offer money plus Torres to get the player, but the desire of El Shaarawy has always been clear: he is an AC Milan supporter, he is happy about his life in Milan where he has found friends and where he has started his excellent football career.

Fortunately for both the parts, El Shaarawy remains in AC Milan to win everything. The supporters hope that this confirmation won’t end as last year, when Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva after numeros guarantees have been sold to PSG.


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