Italy Serie A — 08 June 2013

After the terrible managements of Roma by Luis Enrique and Zeman, Roma is still looking for the future coach. Numerous the problems that the team has to dealRudi Garcia with starting from the departure of Baldini, now Tottenham manager, till the refusals of the desired coaches.

Before the end of Serie A, Roma had contacts with Mazzarri, and had established that Allegri would have become the new coach. Currently, Mazzarri coaches Inter Milan and Allegri is remained in AC Milan, not only because the president has confirmed him, but especially because the projects of Roma are confused and not attractive. The only fixed point for Roma is the departure of Osvaldo.

Now, after these negative answers, Roma is interested in Rudi Garcia, that currently is coaching Lille, a team with decent, but not excellent players. The coach has been able to lead Lille to the victory of the French Ligue in 2011, after 57 years. His possible arrival should not completely change the team: he plays with a 4-2-3-1. Some new players could reinforce this way of game, permitting Roma to have higher objectives than this year. The Club indeed is trying to get Nainggolan, Benatia and Bonaventura to have a better defense.

This year Roma has missed all the occasions possible: the qualifications in Champions League and Europa League, the Coppa Italia and the desired coach. Now, the arrival of Rudi Garcia could help Roma to improve his position for the following seasons, but the decision has to be made as soon as possible.


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