Serie A — 15 April 2013

A difficult week for both Lazio and Juventus after the elimination from the European competitions that they must fastly forget. Miroslav KloseIn fact, after the serious defeats Serie A is now the only aim. Juventus, in case of victory, will have 11 points more Napoli, and will automatically win the Scudetto. Lazio, on his side, has to try to get the third position, a difficult mission, that will become impossible, in case of defeat against Juventus.

Petkovic  has motivated his team, saying that they must do their best, not at 100%, but at 150%, remaining concentrated till the end of the match. Radu and Lulic won’t be available for the match due to a disqualification. Probable the presence from the first minute of Marius Stankevicius, that played a part of the match against Roma. It is not sure the employ of Gonzalez, but Mauri and Klose are fixed elements to win against Juventus.

Conte has to line up his team considering the numerous absences: Anelka, Giovinco, Chiellini, Pepe and Bendtner are not available. It is probable that Conte will use Peluso, because Caceres, despite his presence on the bench, has not the perfect conditions yet. Vucinic in attack is a certainity, but it is not sure who will be his colleagues. Conte seems to prefer Quagliarella and Pogba, even if  also Marchisio and Matri represent an interesting option.

Lazio-Juventus is another big match, the last of the 32^ round, that could change the situation of the league table.


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