: ' Fiorentina'

Juventus: Desires, but not enough money

After the declarations of Higuain’s father, Juventus maintains some hopes for the arrival of the Argentinian striker. It is sure that Arsenal has advantages, due to the offering made to Real Madrid and due to the [...]

Fiorentina waiting for Mario Gomez

Fiorentina is trying to solve the quesiton related to the future of Jovetic and wants this as soon as possible to have enough money to conclude the operation Mario Gomez. Indeed, considered the sure departure of [...]

Premier Clubs want Italian top players

As every summer of the recent years, Italian football is the place from which important players leave. The economic situation does not permit anymore to buy foreign players and the Italian top players tend to leave [...]

Fiorentina has a clear Project

The excellent season just concluded permits Fiorentina to think about a great session of transfer market. In fact, thanks to the objective reached, the qualification to Europa League, Fiorentina has money and the desire to invest [...]

Fiorentina: Mario Gomez could Substitute Jovetic

Stevan Jovetic, according to the recent rumors, is going to become during next week a player of Juventus. It seems that Fiorentina and Juventus have found an agreement and also with the player. At this point, [...]

Udinese: Three players on Sale

As every year, the best players of Udinese are considered elements to sell after the end of a positive season. Handanovic, Cuadrado and Alexis Sanchez are examples of the policy of Udinese: sell important elements to [...]

AC Milan: Three possible Substitutes of Pazzini

After a surgical intervention, Giampaolo Pazzini, one of the decisive player during this season for AC Milan, will remain out of the field for 4-6 months. A long period of absence, considered his importance this year [...]

Not only Higuain for Juventus

The operations to get the top striker continue for Juventus. Higuain seemed ready to sign a contract, but something has delayed this possibility. Probably his cost, or the arrival in Madrid of the new coach Ancelotti [...]

Fiorentina and the Transfer Market

Fiorentina, after the exclusion from Champions League, has already started working to get some new players to reinforce his team. Every day, new names are associated with Fiorentina, someone seems ready to leave, and someone else [...]

Serie A: Evaluation 2nd Part

It continues the analysis of the 20 Clubs of this Serie A. Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter Milan, Juventus and Lazio will be evaluated now. Fiorentina: 7.5/10, excellent season for Fiorentina. Perfect the choice of a young and [...]