Italy Serie A — 24 June 2013

After the declarations of Higuain’s father, Juventus maintains some hopes for the arrival of the Carlos TevezArgentinian striker. It is sure that Arsenal has advantages, due to the offering made to Real Madrid and due to the prestige of Premier League. In addition, Arsenal offers Higuain 7 million euros per year, an amount impossible to pay for Italian clubs, Juventus included.

Unfortunately for Juventus, all the top scorer imply the investment of a big amount of money: Stevan Jovetic could have a reduced wage compared to Higuain, but his cost is similar. Fiorentina indeed does not want to transfer the player to Juventus. The only possibility to find an agreement presumes that at least 30 million euros will be offered to Fiorentina. The other alternative implies the involvement of Manolo Gabbiadini, player considered interesting for Fiorentina. Rumors about this possibility have been denied in the previous days, but the will of the player could help in concluding this difficult negotiation.

The last alternative is Carlos Tevez: the Argentinian striker is desired also by AC Milan and Real Madrid and Juventus seems his less favorite choice. However, compared to AC Milan that has economic problems, Juventus could easily conclude this operation. Real Madrid could intervene to create difficulties, but Juventus, in case of some transfers, is ready to sign Tevez.


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