Transfer News — 25 August 2012

Alessandro Del PieroAlessandro Del Piero may return to Juventus after only a couple of months. As known, last season Juventus and Del Piero decided not to extend their relationship as Del Piero still feels well and wants to play on a regular basis. On the other hand Juventus couldn’t guarantee that at his age, Del Piero is turning 38 later on this year. That meant that Juventus icon, Del Piero, left the bianconeri after 19 years in search of regular football.

Since leaving Juventus, it has been reported that Del Piero received several offers from a wide range of clubs. The offers received from across the globe such as Argentina, China, USA and Italy but Del Piero still didn’t commit to any club. It seems that the opportunity of rejoining Juventus is holding him back from committing himself to another side. The marketing experts at Juventus have conducted a research on how the return of Del Piero would affect the financials of Juventus and the results were astonishing. Therefore Juventus would like to sign Del Piero but with the condition that he accepts that he won’t be playing on a regular basis. Del Piero is taking this offer very seriously as Juventus is everything for him and the fans adore him. In addition to that by rejoining Juventus he would also be able to participate in the Champions League with the Juventus shirt after a long absence and who knows, maybe win it again as Juventus built a very strong side. Del Piero has a lot to think about …


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