Italy Serie A Transfer News — 20 June 2013

According to the lastest news about Juventus transfer market, Higuain is almosAleksandar Kolarovt an Arsenal player, Ogbonna is ready to sign a contract with Juventus, while the operations Kolarov and Jovetic are in stand by.

Higuain seems almost become an Arsenal player. The striker could have found an agreement with Arsenal of around 7 million euros per year and the club will pay 25 million euros to Real Madrid to get the Argentinian player. The situations seems already established and Juventus, at this point, has to forget Higuain as striker for next season.

Differently, the operation to get Angelo Ogbonna is easier for Juventus. Yesterday Torino and Juventus found an agreement that will include the transfer of Immobile in Torino plus 6 million euros. Before next week the transfer should be official.

New objective of Antonio Conte is the left back of Manchester City: Aleksandar Kolarov. His attorney is already working to analyze the economic offering of Juventus before starting the negotiation with Manchester City. The player seems fundamental for the future plans of Conte and his arrival could be the sign for a departure of some backs.

The future of Jovetic is a big mystery. The situation could change if Juventus decides to insert Gabbiadini as element to exchange with Fiorentina.

Juventus has to accelerate his decisions about the transfer market, because his first objective is disappearing.


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