Italy Serie A — 10 June 2013

The sheik of Manchester City has decided that Tevez has to leave his Club. AC Milan could be the perfect alternative because the Argentinian striker wants to play there and because the objective of Manchester City is Stephan El Shaarawy. ToCarlos Tevezday in Abu Dhabi the managers of Manchester City will discuss the economic cost of this operation, that could conduce El Shaarawy in Manchester. AC Milan could permit the player to leave for 25 million euros plus Carlos Tevez.

Galliani has expressed his desire to see Tevez as AC Milan player, but he has also declared that El Shaarawy won’t leave Milan. At this point the agreeement seems impossible to find. Another problem regards the wage of the Argentinian player: 8.5 million euros per year are too much for AC Milan that could offer him maximum 4 million euros plus bonus.

Tevez seems interested in the option AC Milan and could decide to accept a reduction of his wage to favor this operation. It is true that AC Milan has to decide which player to prefer between El Shaarawy and Tevez. This exchange results an advantage for AC Milan indeed only if El Shaarawy leaves. In the other case, the arrival of Tevez seems impossible, because Manchester City will ask a too high amount to AC Milan.


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