Italy Serie A — 05 June 2013

After the recent declarations of the president of Real Madrid, Juventus has decided to accelerate theGonzalo Higuain steps to get Gonzalo Higuain. On Sunday, it is planned a meeting between the managers of the two teams to discuss about practical matters and to find a concrete agreement. Real Madrid indeed wants that the player and Juventus explain their intentions for this transfer market and for next season. Juventus has now to eleborate and offering apt for an important player as Higuain.

The Italian team has to decide fastly how much could pay for Higuain and has to conclude the agreement as soon as possible. In fact, also Arsenal is interested in the player and is evaluating the offering to propose. A third Club is interested:PSG, that could make an important offering, permitting Ancelotti to reach Madrid in exchange of Higuain.

Juventus is not the only one involved in the operation Higuain, and the following days are decisive. Currently, the Club is concentrated on Fernando Llorente, striker of  Athletic Bilbao till 30th June, but that has already signed a contract with Juventus. The medical staff wants to test the physical condition of the player as soon as possible to organize his life in Juventus, but the Spanish team does not want to renounce to the player before the end of June.

Spain is the country in which Juventus is looking for all his strikers, and the contacts between this two countries will increase during this fundamental week.


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