Italy Serie A — 15 June 2013

Manchester City has offered the president of Napoli 55 million euros to get El Matador. De Laurentiis has declined the offering, fixing the asked price at 63 million euros.Edinson Cavani Cavani’s attorney is working to reduce this amount from 63 to 55, and the president of Napoli seems interested in accepting this compromise if the decision about Cavani’s future is made before the end of June.

The Clubs interested in Cavani has now to accelerate their strategies, because if the reduction of price is confirmed, his transfer becomes more possible. There are Chelsea and Real Madrid that are actively working to get the player, making proposals since the beginning of the transfer market. Manchester City is being involved in the Cavani’s case in the recent period, but has enough money to get him in a few days. Also PSG could intervene in this operation, but only if Ibrahimovic decides to leave Paris.

Of course and as repeated in several situations by his family, the Uruguayan player prefers Real Madrid, his dream when he started his career as football player. Differently, PSG is the destination less appreciated by Cavani, probably due to the presence of other important players that could reduce his possibility to play as regular all the matches .

Nothing has been confirmed yet about the reduction from 63 million to 55 million euros, but in this case the agreement has to be found rapidly. In the opposite situation, Cavani will sign a new contract to prolong his permanence in Napoli.


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