Italy Serie A — 10 June 2013

Catania has numerous interesting players, noticed by the big Clubs: Papu Gomez, Pitu Barrientos, Gonzalo Bergessio and FraFrancesco Lodincesco Lodi. Bigger Clubs with more money have already contacted Catania to look for agreements to get one of them. The president of Catania is evaluting with accuacy every request, because he does not want to completely change the aspect of Catania next season. During the last Serie A, Catania has played in a good way, almost reaching the qualification in Europa League, and next season this will be the objective. Transferring all the important players means reducing the possibilities for the future Serie A.

Gomez has attracted the interest of Atletico Madrid, but in the previous days also Napoli and Inter Milan seemed interested in this player that could play both as a striker and as a midfielder. Bergessio could arrive in Lazio, if Floccari decides to go back to Sampdoria. Barrientos and Lodi are appreciated by Inter Milan, even if the two clubs have not discussed yet about them. Francesco Lodi is a player, that thanks to his talent to apt himself to the various situations, is asked by Italian and foreign teams, even if his desire seems to remain in Catania.

Catania will be at the center of the market, to transfer some of his precious players and to find decent substitutes to maitain the same objectives in the following season.


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