Serie A — 12 March 2013

Leonardo Bonucci does not want to deceive himself and Juventus’ supporters. He well knows that, after the 28^round of Serie A, Juventus is +9 over Napoli and +11 over AC Milan, but at the same time he does not forget that there are still 10 matches before the end of Serie A. Leonardo Bonucci

Juventus has the same strategy of Napoli: these last 10 matches have to be played as 10 finals. No mistakes, no lacks of concentration and motivation, no absences of diligence; everyone must be prepared and ready to compete for his team.

Now, all the attention is directed to the match against Bologna. This team won last Sunday against Inter Milan, it has motivation and a good coach that succeeded in creating an excellent environment. Bonucci highlighted that this match is particularly important because Napoli has been defeated in the last rounds and the distance between the first and the second team of Serie A may be enhanced in Bologna. In fact, according to Bonucci, there are still 10 matches and it is not a certainty that Juventus will win the Championship. Napoli indeed is passing through a dark moment for now, but not necessarily also in the future and AC Milan is winning all the matches, improving its position in Serie A.


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