Champions League — 16 March 2013


Bayern Munich lost against Arsenal 0-2, but still goes to quarter finals thanks to the win 1-3 in the first leg


Bayern Munich qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League after losing at home to Arsenal (0-2) and suffering a lot more than expected after the comfortable score accumulated in the first leg 1-3, at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal took the lead in the 3rd minute with a goal from the French Olivier Giroud, after a cross from Theo Walcott.

Arsenal knew that it was going to be a hard mission to flip the score; the early goal was the best start for the English team, who started to believe in the miracle.

However, after conceding the Giroud´s goal, Bayern took control of the game and prowled near Lukas Fabianski’s goal, but failed to generate clear scoring chances in the first 45 minutes.

Arsenal could only sporadically approach the counter area.

The German Harassment continued at the English area in the beginning of the second part. Toni Kroos and Arjen Robben tried midrange shots at minutes 47 and 48. Luiz Gustavo also tried to score at the 63 minute, with a shot from the left crescent that slightly went out.

With the pass of minutes, Bayern´s pressure was getting stronger that at min 68 Robben had a great chance to score after a great pass from Thomas Müller, but Fabianski reacted with a great stop. Later, in the 75 ‘, the Dutchman was again close to scoring, but the shot went wide even do it was a good position.

Arsenal began to attack with more intensity last 70 minutes. It was as if until then had opted not to give too much space to Bayern and wait twenty minutes late to find the miracle.

In the 79th minute, Gervinho had a great chance when he headed wide from six yards. In the 86 min Kosienly scored with a potent head, taking advantage of a corner, turning the end of the game into a drama that few would have expected.

Bayern finished suffering and looking to the clock waiting for the end, bringing the ball to the corner flag to consume seconds and ensure their qualification to the quarterfinals. The Bavarian team made it, but it was close to the edge.


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