Serie A — 23 April 2013

This season is one of the most complex period for AC Milan. The 2013-2014 Serie A started in a terrible way, numerous defeats and criticism for a team that seemed having forgotten how to play soccer. Allegri remained the coach, despite the bad results andAllegri the difficulties, that the Club told derived from the revolution of the team occurred during last summer.

However, the situation improved in 2013, when the team started winning match after match, overpassing its direct enemies such as Inter Milan and Lazio and reaching the third position in the league table. Unfortunately, this positive series has finished. The last 3 matches, against Napoli, Fiorentina and Juventus could cost AC Milan the participation in Champions League for next year.

The draws in Naples and Florence, added to the defeat in Turin have transformed the Champions League in a possibility, and not anymore in a certainty. Currently, there are 5 matches before the end of Serie A, but AC Milan’s enemies are strong and solid teams: Catania, Torino, Pescara, Roma and Siena. The match against Catania could be the decisive one to determine if AC Milan has still possibilities or if Europe League will be the new aim for AC Milan.

The missed participation in Champions League could create a rift between Allegri and Galliani, and it is possible that in this case Allegri could leave Milan. A possibility increased by the fact that both Napoli and Roma are interested in the coach.

Moreover it’s rumored a possible arrive in AC Milan of Ezequiel Lavezzi, if Robinho leaves, destination Brazil.


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