Italy Serie A — 14 June 2013

After the victory of Coppa Italia, the manager of Lazio expressed the new policy of his club: “Acquiring young players to hPereaave a new Lazio with a glorious future”.  This is already visible with the arrival of Perea and the confirmation of Rozzi, two young strikers that helped by the more experienced players could become the future of Lazio. Klose and Floccari indeed are 35 years old and their end of career is not too far away.

Perea arrives in Italy from Colombia, where he has played in an excellent way in Deportivo Calì. The young striker can be lined up by Petkovic in every position of the attack phase due to his quality and his physical resistance.

Rozzi played his first match in Serie A in 2012, but due to a terrible injury the player remained out of the field for a long time. Now Petkovic is giving him an excellent opportunity for his future career in Lazio.

Keita Balde Diao is the third young element that will be inserted this season in Lazio. 18 years old and a strong physical resistance permit the player to be lined up both as advanced midfielder or as a striker. The player thanks to his energy in playing could solve some of the problems of Lazio last year, that seemed missing someone like him.


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