Italy Serie A — 12 June 2013

In the last period, Lazio has not been at the center of the transfer market compared to other Italian teams. However, this does not mean that Lazio is not working to reiAntonio Candrevanforce the team before the beginning of next season.

First of all, the Club wants to solve some situations such as the players on loan. Example is the case of Emiliano Alfaro, Uruguayan striker currently playing in Al-Wasi on loan. The agreement ended on 30th May, but the managers of Al-Wasi have not expressed their intention about his future. Lazio wants the established money: 3,5 million euros, but the Arabic team seems interested in signing a new loan with Lazio and with the player.

Matuzalem is another player on loan, that does not want to go back to Lazio. Indeed, the midfielder wants to remain in Genoa, where he has just concluded a positive season. Possible the agreement in the following days between Lazio and Genoa to let Matuzalem become a Genoa player.

Sculli will return in Roma after the last season in Pescara. Due to the relegation in Serie B of this team, the player does not have a fixed destination anymore. He is not included in the plans of Roma, that is looking for an alternative for him during next season.

The last situation that has to be solved regards Antonio Candreva, Lazio midfielder on loan by Udinese. Before the 20th of June the president of Lazio has to pay Udinese 1,7 million euros to get half of the player and to assure his permanence in Lazio for at least one year more. However, Lazio is intrested in getting the whole player and this could be reached through an exchange of players: Udinese has asked Kozak, appreciated since a long time, while Lazio could offer Cavanda, not often lined up by Petkovic during the last season.


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