Italy Serie A — 01 March 2013

Tomorrow AC Milan and Lazio are playing the match decisive for tPetkoviche third place. Petkovic, Lazio’s coach, has hold a press conference in which he has declared that this is a fundamental match, even if the end of the Championship is still far away. He added that its team is looking for the best physical condition, despite a lot of important absences: Klose, Mauri and Konko for sure. Lazio risks also to miss Sergio Floccari, whose presence will remain a doubt till tomorrow after the last coaching.

Massimilano Allegri as well has problems to decide the players who are going to play tomorrow. He is missing Mario Balotelli due to a contusion at the peroneal bone. Pazzini is ready to substitute Balotelli, probably with El Shaarawy, just over a flu, so not at the peak of his physical resistance. If El Shaarawy will not be able to play, the solution is Robinho, coming back from a long period of absence. Also Kevin Constant is not playing tomorrow, to preserve his condition for the match in Champions League against Barcelona.

Both the teams are not at the highest point of the season concerning the physical condition and the availability of the some players, however it is a match that must be played in the best way as possible to gain the access in Europe.

Maybe, both the teams hope that Napoli will be defeated this evening, to have more possibilities in the struggle for Europe.


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