: ' Mattia Destro'

AC Milan: Alternatives to Tevez

Carlos Tevez is almost officially a Juventus player and AC Milan has now to change the strategies for the future. Considered the departure of Robinho, Galliani has to find a new striker to associate to Balotelli [...]

Roma-Lazio is the final of Coppa Italia

After the victory yesterday evening against Inter Milan, Roma is qualified for the final match of Coppa Italia, that will be played at the end of May. Roma-Lazio, an important challenge between the two teams, that [...]

Coppa Italia: Inter Milan-Roma

Today Inter Milan and Roma are going to play the semi-final of the Italian Cup. The winner of this match will play against Lazio the final in May. This match is a sort of challenge between [...]

Serie A, Roma: De Rossi and Osvaldo’s future

It is more than probable that one between De Rossi and Osvaldo will leave Roma at the end of this season. Roma is passing through a troubled period: this season alternates period of excellent results, with [...]

Roma-Lazio: derby for Champions League

The derby Roma-Lazio is planned on Monday, April 8th. The situation is already difficult because between the two teams the relations are already full of tension and the qualification for Champions League is far away for [...]

Going towards Roma-Lazio

Roma-Lazio, the derby of Rome, is planned for April, 8th. There are still two weeks before this appointment, but both the teams have already started preparing themselves to win this important challenge. Mattia Destro, absent from [...]

Alternatives for the qualification in Europe

Beyond Juventus, that almost for sure will win Scudetto and will be qualified for Champions League, there are 6 other teams that could reach places valid for an European competition. These teams are Napoli, AC Milan, [...]

Official: Mattia Destro is a Roma player

After a lot of transfer rumors, it’s finally official, Mattia Destro is a Roma player. Mattia Destro impressed everyone last season thanks to his performances at Siena during which he also managed to score more than [...]

Mattia Destro to rejoin Genoa

Italian youngster, Mattia Destro, has impressed everyone this season with his performances this season. A few years back he was considered to be one of the most promising Italian youngsters in circulation but when Inter Milan [...]