Transfer News — 21 April 2012

Mattia Destro SienaItalian youngster, Mattia Destro, has impressed everyone this season with his performances this season. A few years back he was considered to be one of the most promising Italian youngsters in circulation but when Inter Milan decided to offload him to Genoa everyone thought that it was just another fairytale that ended shortly. At Genoa he didn’t get much playing time to showcase his abilities and when called to action he didn’t impress much. Last summer Genoa decided to loan Destro to Siena on a season long deal with Siena having the right to buy half the transfer rights of Destro for a fee of 1.3 million euros. This season Destro exceeded everyone’s expectations as he is got a lot of playing time and made the best out of it. Till now he has played 23 matches and scored 8 goals for Siena. Apart from that he has also showed great team spirit as he helps the team defensively too.

Siena should be exercising their right to buy half the transfer rights of Mattia Destro for 1.3 million euros but Genoa would like to buy it back. It has been mentioned that Siena and Genoa agreed on a fee of 6 million euros for Genoa to buy back half the rights of Destro. More to that, it’s also being said that Genoa want the full rights of Destro to then sell him to Inter Milan as they are very keen on the young striker.

Destro has represented the Azzurrini in every level, from U16 to U21.


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