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Milan lose; Juventus, Roma, Napoli and Inter Milan win

The first day of the Serie A offered a first surprise as AC Milan lost 2-1 against Verona. The rossoneri took the lead in the 14th minute as Andrea Poli finalized a nice action. Verona managed [...]

Atalanta: 14 Joint Ownerships to Solve

The deadline to discuss and solve the joint ownerships is the 20th of June. Numerous players in Serie A belong half to a team and half to another. Atalanta is one of the team with a [...]

Serie A: Evaluation 1st Part

At the end of Serie A, it is time to evaluate the performance of each team during the whole season. This time the analysis regards Atalanta, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania and Chievo Verona. Atalanta: 6/10, despite the [...]

Towards Atalanta-Fiorentina

The match against Atalanta will represent one of the last possibilities for Fiorentina to try to reach AC Milan and the third place. In fact, after the direct match played last Sunday, the situation remained unchanged: [...]

Serie A: Goalkeepers transfer market

There are numerous goalkeepers in Serie A that next year will probably change their team, someone to leave the place to younger players, someone else to have new experiences. Samir Handanovic and Gianluigi Buffon are the [...]

Europe zone: Napoli and Fiorentina’s victories

Napoli-Atalanta ended 3-2, a suffered match, that saw the return of “El Matador” Cavani. In fact, Cavani today scored a double: the first goal was a penalty, and the second one scored thanks to Zuniga’s assist. [...]

Serie A: 29^round preview

This week-end is the turn of the 29^round in Serie A, the last one before the National team stop. The first match is Catania-Udinese: Udinese has problems due to missing players and Guidolin has to use [...]

Italian Serie A Weekend Roundup

It has been a weekend of surprises in the Italian Serie A with the surprises starting on Saturday with a Palermo win in the Sicilian derby against rivals Catania. Although it was a derby match, these [...]

Fiorentina keep on winning, Inter Milan held draw

This afternoon six Serie A matches were played. The match that was attracting most interest was Inter Milan vs Cagliari as the Milan based side had a good chance to close the gap from current leaders [...]

Atalanta vs AC Milan Match Preview

As the Christmas Season has just passed, the Italian Serie A is ready to restart. On the 17th fixture there is the game between Atalanta and AC Milan. As the standings read, AC Milan are topping [...]