Serie A — 30 April 2013

There are just 360 minutes before the end of 2012-2013 Serie A, and this 4 rounds are fundamental for numerous teMarco Borrielloams. Fiorentina and AC Milan are still fighting for the third place, Lazio, Roma, Inter Milan and Udinese are challenging to be admitted to Europe League, and lastly Siena, Palermo, Genoa and also Torino are playing to remain in Serie A.

The first position belongs for sure to Juventus, as the second place to Napoli. The third place is contended by AC Milan and Fiorentina. The one that will qualify as third will be admitted to the preliminary phase of Champions League. The programme is almost the same for both the teams: Pescara, Siena and Roma are the future appointments for AC Milan and Fiorentina. The decisive elements seem to be Balotelli for AC Milan ( 8 goals in 9 matches) and Giuseppe Rossi for Fiorentina, that will play this last rounds.

One place in Europe League will be occupied by Fiorentina or AC Milan. The remaining place is the aim of Lazio, Roma, Inter Milan and Udinese. It seems that Lazio and Roma have more possibilities compared to the other two, especially with Inter Milan, that continues his series of defeats and missed points. There are still direct matches between these 4 teams, and these situations could represent the decisive moments.

The relegation in Serie B is sure for Pescara, but other two teams will play in the second division next year. Genoa, Siena and Palermo have another direct enemy: Torino that has been defeated in the last matches, gaining one point in the last 5 rounds. Siena has a complex programme: AC Milan and Fiorentina have still to play against him. Palermo is now living an excellent moment, thanks to the striker Ilicic. Differently, Torino is in crisis, and the match against AC Milan could represent the definitive defeat for Ventura’s team. Genoa seems the team with an easier programme in the following rounds, especially the next match against Pescara.


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