Transfer News — 11 March 2013

The revolution on the bench started at the end of last season, and  it seems that also starting from June 2013 a great number of coaches will change their team.

Last year the changes regarded Petkovic, Zeman, Maran and Montella. Currently, Zeman has already been removed from his role. But, during this summer, the protagonists are going to be Mazzarri, Guidolin, Di Matteo, and for the second time Maran.

Conte will remain on Juventus’ bench almost for sure, above all if important players reach Turin. Allegri will remain on AC Francesco GuidolinMilan’s bench to continue the project of a new and young team.

On the other side, the end of the contract between Mazzarri and Napoli is a certainty. Possibilities for Mazzarri could be Roma or Inter Milan, if Moratti changes idea about Stramaccioni’s strategies.

Guidolin may be Mazzarri’s substitute; he knows very well some players, first of all Inler and Armero, ex Udinese, and uses the same game form of the current coach. Other alternative for Napoi is Pioli, Bologna’s coach, appreciated by the president De Laurentis.

Roma is looking for a new coach and the choice seems demanding. The first objective is Villas- Boas, called “The Special Two”, but he is difficult to convince to come in Italy. Other interest is Maran, who is managing an excellent season in Catania.

It is probable also a return in Italy of Roberto Di Matteo, but in which team is still a mistery.


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